Why US?

MacKinnon Transport has been the Carrier of Choice since 1929 for both our customers and staff.  Our family oriented culture provides our staff with a place they can call home where everyone will know their name and not their truck number.  It also allows us to attract the very BEST OF THE BEST from within our industry to assist our customers in accomplishing their shipping goals.


89 Reasons


1. Celebrating our 89 year history.
2. In 2016 our drivers made on average $0.64/mile + Company paid benefits + $1000 in RRSP Matching + 5% Safe Driving Bonus.
3. We want safe drivers.
4. Direct Deposit.
5. Paid every 2 weeks.
6. We promote from within.
7. Truck Washes completed on site.
8. Continuous skills development and feedback.
9. Employee Assistance Program.
10. Year round adult rider program.
11. Net positive carrier who is focused on minimizing their carbon footprint.
12. Nationally recognized Safe Driving Awards.
13. Company Years of Service Awards.
14. Personal and Private Email.
15. Company Merchandise available for purchase.
16. Drivers Lounge with TV & Satellite.
17. Job growth opportunities.
18. Driver Safety Meetings.
19. Safe Family Rider Weeks at March Break & in the Summer.
20. Border Crossing Cards Provided.
21. We have a Company Group R.R.S.P. Plan for you.
22. Suggestion Boxes with guaranteed responses.
23. Ability to have an impact on your community and the company.
24. TRUE OPEN DOOR POLICY in effect at all times.
25. Yard Fuel provided at discounted rates for owner operators.
26. Discount Shop Rates for owner operators.
27. Discounted Tire Purchasing Power.
28. Clean Inspections Rewards.
29. No Paint Codes.
30. Paid Out of Country Medical Coverage for Company Drivers.
31. Paid Performance Bonus for Company Drivers.
32. Paid Insurance Rebate for Owner Operators.
33. Our phones are answered by People who know, and care about you.
34. We run 98% Full Load freight.
35. Owner Operators are paid by %. If we receive an increase, you do too.
36. Our customer base is solid respectful.
37. We deal direct with our loyal customers.
38. We take a professional and business-like approach to your success.
39. Community involvement.
40. Winners of the National Fleet Safety Award by TCA in 2015.
41. We have a sign on Bonus for successful new hires.
42. We reward our staff , drivers, and owner-operators, for successful Recruiting Referrals.
43. We have Great People working in the office, the shop, and Dispatch.
44. We ensure that everyone operates safely.
45. We have a Top of the Line Orientation program.
46. We buy your lunch at Orientation.
47. We put you into a motel if needed during Orientation.
48. We’re a partner with the Ontario Trucking Association.
49. We treat each other with respect.
50. We want you to enjoy your work and accomplishments.
51. We have a Values Statement that we believe in.
52. We have a Mission Statement that we strive for.
53. We promote Quality and Service in Transportation.
54. We work Harder to keep you Happier.
55. We are a Family Oriented operation.
56. You are not just a number.
57. Our Company compensation package is extremely competitive.
58. Paid Drops & Picks.
59. Regular scheduled vacation time.
60. We’re C-TPAT, PIP, and Fast Express approved.
61. We are Smartway Approved.
62. Fuel Economy Incentive Program.
63. We live by the Golden Rule.
64. We want You to succeed in your career goals.
65. We have a Drivers Social Association, run by the Drivers, for the Drivers.
66. Our Facility is Gated, and Secure.
67. No slip-seating.
68. Our Word is our Pledge.
69. Veteran Dispatchers, that Work WITH you.
70. We are Focused on Flatbed Operations.
71. We know Flatbed Equipment, and are very Particular with our Specifications.
72. We have training programs, to develop skills.
73. Family comes First.
74. We only deal with vendors and customers that share our Ideals.
75. We know that Drivers make a transport company.
76. We want you to make money!
77. Clear concise pay, and settlement, statements.
78. We are an equal opportunity employer.
79. In our opinion, our driving staff is the most professional in the industry.
80. We operate both Heavy, and Tandem Flat Fleets.
81. We are Owner-Operator Friendly.
82. We’re a partner with the Canadian Trucking Alliance.
83. We promote our drivers and owner-operators in the industry, for awards and recognition.
84. New Driver Training Program.
85. We relish feedback, and want your opinions!
86. Up to Date truck technology.
87. High School Diploma program.
88. We work and support entrepreneurs.
89. Member of College of Trades and qualified to train you as an apprentice.