Driver Testimonials

At MacKinnon Transport, we believe that you don’t build businesses, you build people, and THEY build the business.  Without our exceptional people, MacKinnon Transport would not be in business since 1929.  Don’t let us tell you about MacKinnon Transport however; instead, please see below some testimonials from some of our Professional Drivers.

Jim McCauly – 35 year Industry Veteran, 6 months with MacKinnon.

 “From the time I walked in for the first interview, I knew it was the place for me.  Everyone was very welcoming, and still are to this day.  No matter the situation, there is always someone willing to help, from the other Drivers, right through to upper Management.  I should have come here 35 years ago.”

Ken Bemrose – Industry Veteran, 4 years with MacKinnon.

“More money and more home time.  I switched from driving van, to flatbed and wish I had done it sooner.  Working a 5 day week, definitely fits into my home schedule, and I’m more physically fit than I have been in a long time.  MacKinnon Transport developed my flatbed skills, and I haven’t looked back.”

Ted Robson – Industry Veteran, 3 years with MacKinnon.

“The atmosphere at MacKinnon is absolutely Great.  Questions are always answered timely, and dispatch is very willing to work with the Drivers.  It’s steady work, with regular lanes, as well as new locations that add variety.  This works well for the MacKinnon Drivers that don’t live in the Guelph area, which is no issue at all.”

Kimroy Nelson – New Driver, 3 years with MacKinnon.

“Anyone interested in working for MacKinnon Transport Inc., I would truly recommend them doing so.  This company treats all employees equally and with respect.  Management is always supportive of those willing to grow and develop within the company.  Driving for MacKinnon Transport Inc. was one of my best decisions made.”

Rouman Gueorgiev – Industry Veteran, recently returned to MacKinnon.

 “I’ve recently returned to MacKinnon Transport.  MacKinnon’s customers are very respectful of the job I do for them, and offer flexibility to help my schedule.  At MacKinnon Transport it is easy for me to predict the revenue my truck will generate, while I get to use great company equipment.”

Pat Blackwood – Industry Veteran, 5 years with MacKinnon.

This is why I think people should work for MacKinnon Transport.

- Year-round work
- Flexible home time
- Reliable
- Open door policy
- 2500+ miles a week
- Family owned business
- Friendly work environment
- Recognition of hard work

Brian Hilton – Industry Veteran, 15 years with MacKinnon.

“I came here right out of trucking school.  MacKinnon helped me develop my Flatbed skills, and now I help pass this knowledge through to new Recruits.  The family oriented atmosphere and style of business at MacKinnon is only exceeded by the professionalism that my fellow Drivers and I show.  Over the years I have had the privilege of meeting and working with a great bunch of individuals.”