About MacKinnon

MacKinnon Transport is built on a rich family culture and corporate history. With over 89 years of experience in Flatbed transportation logistics, MacKinnon Transport is the Carrier of Choice.

MacKinnon Transport began its trucking journey in Caledon Ontario, on June 4th, 1929, when Leslie MacKinnon purchased a 1928 Chevrolet Straight truck. In the beginning Les hauled livestock to the Toronto Stockyards for the local farmers and on his return trips he brought back coal, fertilizer, and other farm supplies. During these early days, Les’s expenses ran $2.00 per day which covered both fuel and meals on the road.

In 1943, after graduating from grade 8 Les’ son, Bill MacKinnon, obtained his driver’s license and the business expanded when a second truck was quickly purchased. At this time MacKinnon Transport serviced roughly 125 customers, with relationships built on strong handshakes. Evan, Bill’s son and third generation of MacKinnon, joined the company in the early 70’s. The fourth generation, Les’ Great Grand Children, are currently heavily entrenched in family-owned business.

In October of 1946, MacKinnon Transport hauled its first load for Armco Canada Ltd located in Guelph Ontario. This relationship flourished based on the reliability of Les & Bill and Armco soon became MacKinnon’s largest customer. Armco’s products included large culverts which were used for new roads in very isolated areas. Directions often included instructions such as “turn left at the red barn, and deliver the culvert just past the second Elm tree. There should be a small creek there. If you run into a railway crossing you’ve gone too far.” Obviously a great deal of patience was required to make these deliveries. During this time, with the growth of MacKinnon Transport’s customer base, additional equipment and drivers were added to the fleet.

MacKinnon’s first head office was located in the family house until the mid-fifties. During those early years the business operated from the family kitchen. Bacon and eggs were served to the drivers each Saturday morning. Over breakfast and coffee, each driver explained what he had done during the week and what loads he had hauled. Based on the amount of work performed, Leslie would pay them in cash.

In 1959, Les and Bill purchased the first terminal in the south end of Guelph. The city of Guelph was chosen largely in part to offer a better service to Armco who was also located in Guelph. Over the next 30 years MacKinnon continued to grow and the decision was made to relocate to a larger facility. On May 26th, 1989, the company moved into our current terminal – just ten days short of the 60th Anniversary of the purchase of Les’s first truck.

Since our earliest days of hauling culvert pipe, MacKinnon has continued to undertake hauling assignments that have required great focus to detail in order to complete our commitment and undertaking not only successfully, but to the satisfaction of our customers, which remains our number 1 goal and priority today.

Today, MacKinnon Transport still holds strong to our core family values from when we completed our first load. To this day, all major decisions are made based on the Golden Rule to: Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You.